Monday, July 21, 2008

Employer-sanctions foes bankrolling Gibbons

From the Arizona Republic community section.

Employer-sanctions foes bankrolling Gibbons
Bob Hisserich

When it comes to employer sanctions, District 18 Senate Republican candidate Kevin Gibbons claims that he wants to revisit the issue as part of a “comprehensive plan that deals with all of the different aspects of the issue.”

As a national leader in employer sanctions, thanks largely to Senate candidate Russell Pearce, Arizona has one of the most effective, non-discriminatory laws in the nation.

Gibbons' motive behind this quest to change the employer sanctions laws came into focus when I discovered some of Gibbons' campaign donors who contributed the maximum amounts are behind the deceptively titled “Stop Illegal Hiring Act.” Read more.

Perhaps Gibbons will have a new running mate based on his ties to the fast food franchisers:

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What a great sign where can I get one for my yard.