Monday, July 28, 2008

Kevin Gibbons Fails to Vote in Multiple Municipal Elections

Contact: For Immediate Release:
Matt Tolman July 28, 2008

Kevin Gibbons Fails to Vote in Multiple Municipal Elections
District 18 State Senate Candidate did not vote in Riverview, Property Tax, and Waveyard Elections - Apparently no interest in West Mesa's Future

MESA – Over the past few years, the City of Mesa has had three key municipal elections that have had a major impact on changing the face of West Mesa and the city as a whole. Each election, Riverview held in May of 2005, Property and Sales Tax held in May of 2006, and Waveyard held in November of 2007, had direct impacts on the voters of District 18.

Although these elections had some of the highest voter participation in Mesa history, Kevin Gibbons failed to vote in any of the three municipal elections.

“Development projects and incentive packages have been a hot topic. In fact, in just the last 3 years, District 18 has had two elections that allowed the voters to decide whether the projects were important for the development of West Mesa,” said Matt Tolman, District 18 Republican chairman and former candidate for West Mesa City Council, “I would like to know how Gibbons voted in May of 2005 along with 52,647 other residents of Mesa. Unfortunately, Kevin Gibbons failed to vote in the Riverview election. I would also like to know where Kevin Gibbons’ vote went in the 45,837 votes cast in November of 2007 for the Waveyard project. Unfortunately, Kevin Gibbons also failed to vote in the Waveyard election.”

According to Kevin Gibbons’ website, Gibbons states that he “has always been interested in politics and has volunteered on many campaigns over the years.” He pledges to work with the city saying, “So much more can be accomplished by working together with the City to improve services, capitalize on the opportunities for economic growth and build a better Mesa.”

“How can we count on Kevin to capitalize on opportunities when he has failed to take advantage of the ones that have already come before us,” questioned Tolman, “It’s not like any of the three municipal elections were a secret.

The Riverview election featured a multimillion dollar campaign focused on our backyards. How can he change anything at the legislature when his track record shows that he refuses to participate in the local voting process?”

Gibbons’ track record of failing to support Mesa extends beyond missing two key municipal elections. In May of 2006, 50,403 residents of Mesa voted in the election to decide a primary property tax and a sales tax extension. Kevin Gibbons failed to vote and be included in that number. Gibbons is also supported by Democrats and tax and spend State Representatives who voted for the Governor’s budget which cut over $30 million to the cities and towns, including taking $2 million away from Mesa.

On his website, Gibbons states his decision to run for the State Senate was because he “couldn’t sit on the sidelines anymore. I just had to get engaged in the process.”

“Gibbons wasn’t kidding when he said he was sitting on the sidelines,” concluded Tolman, “We need someone who is committed to not only what is going on at the legislature, but also what is going on here in Mesa as well. With vote at home early ballots, there is no excuse for not participating in Mesa’s elections. We don’t need a representative in the State Senate who is going to sit on the sidelines and miss votes.”

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gibbons Funded by Out-of-Town Open Borders Supporters

Contact: For Immediate Release:
E. Paul Whetten July 23, 2008

Gibbons Funded by Out-of-Town Open Borders Supporters
District 18 1st Vice Chairman, E. Paul Whetten to Kevin Gibbons:
“Give Back Money from Open Borders Advocates”

MESA – District 18 Senate Republican Candidate Kevin Gibbons claims that he has the answers for our immigration policy problems. As an immigration attorney Mr. Gibbons has a credible claim to expertise in immigration law, but one look at his list of donors shows where his loyalties in immigration policy come from.

While Gibbons says that he wants represent Mesa, only 20.6% of his donations come from people who live within the city. In fact, only 15.1% of his donations are from people in District 18. In contrast, 100% of Russell Pearce’s donors are from inside the district.

More to the point, 53 of Gibbons’ donors are out-of-town farmers from Yuma and Buckeye, with over 30% of his total donations coming from Yuma alone. A large majority of these donations come from the farming community that is actively engaged in employing cheap labor which is against Arizona’s new employer sanctions laws. Since Mr. Gibbons would obviously better represent the views of his Yuma “constituents,” perhaps he should consider running for their senate seat.

Kevin Gibbons supports initiatives that will weaken the laws requiring the use of E-Verify. He also advocates for a guest worker program that will basically open the borders for his farm and fast food supporters who desire cheap labor. Kevin Gibbons’ policy positions are not the forward thinking policies supported by the citizens of District 18. On the contrary, they are the failed “business-as-usual” policies that do nothing to solve our immigration problems and promote the defiance of our laws.

While Gibbons talks of “real reform” for illegal immigration, his supporters and backers tell a different story. From former Democratic Party Chairmen to Open Border Supporters, his rhetoric does not match the real intentions of his patrons.

Russell Pearce has been a champion of the taxpayer and a nationally recognized leader on immigration issues. He has the conservative credentials and a solid track record of representing the people of District 18. Even a cursory examination of Mr. Gibbons’ list of out-of-town open border advocates and Democrat power brokers reveal who he would really represent.

If Mr. Gibbons sincerely wants to represent the citizens of District 18, I suggest that he return donations he’s received from supporters whose policies we have clearly rejected.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Kevin Gibbons Trapped Between Barack and a Tax Increase

Contact: For Immediate Release:
Rep. Andy Biggs July 21, 2008

Kevin Gibbons Trapped Between Barack and a Tax Increase
House Transportation Chairman Andy Biggs to Gibbons: Give Back Money from Democrats and Governor’s Transportation Plan Backers

MESA – In the latest salvo from special interest-funded newcomer District 18 Senate Candidate Kevin Gibbons, he compared Representative Russell Pearce to Democratic Presidential Nominee Senator Barack Obama. To that notion, House Transportation Chairman Andy Biggs replied, “Barack Obama and Russell Pearce have about as much in common as Kevin Gibbons and a real Republican.”

Governor Janet Napolitano is a top supporter of Barack Obama. Her top fundraiser Jim Pederson and his family gave over $1,500 to Kevin Gibbons and over $10,000 to Barack Obama. Under intense scrutiny, Gibbons gave away Jim Pederson’s money. However, Gibbons has not given back the other $6,660 that he has raised from Democrats and backers of the Governor Napolitano’s transportation tax increase plan.

"At least 13% of Gibbons' donors are Democrats or supporters of Governor Napolitano’s TIME initiative,” said Biggs, “It’s tough to question someone else’s fiscal credentials when you have so many backers of expanded government and wasteful spending in your own camp.”

Kevin Gibbons has claimed to be a proponent of smaller government and cutting back on wasteful spending. However, he is supported by Democrats and those who are backing the Governor’s TIME Initiative, which raises sales tax rates nearly 18% for 30 years to pay for a litany of wasteful projects. Her plan includes $1.7 billion in giveaways to environmental groups and billions more to light rail and inter-city trains.

“Why hasn’t Kevin Gibbons come out against the Governor’s TIME Initiative?” questioned Biggs, “We know the Governor is willing to cut deals to get support for her pet project. Has Kevin Gibbons been convinced that investing in a statewide train service is a ‘critical’ transportation need?”

From the budget borrowing to the transportation tax increase, the Governor and Senate and House Democrats have placed a lot of future burden on Arizona’s taxpayers. Jim Pederson and others on Gibbons’ donor list have been helping push these initiatives.

Biggs concluded, “If Kevin Gibbons wants to run as a Republican, it’s time for him to start acting like it. Support from people who advocate for this kind of wasteful spending is unacceptable for a Republican legislative candidate. He should give that money back.”

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Employer-sanctions foes bankrolling Gibbons

From the Arizona Republic community section.

Employer-sanctions foes bankrolling Gibbons
Bob Hisserich

When it comes to employer sanctions, District 18 Senate Republican candidate Kevin Gibbons claims that he wants to revisit the issue as part of a “comprehensive plan that deals with all of the different aspects of the issue.”

As a national leader in employer sanctions, thanks largely to Senate candidate Russell Pearce, Arizona has one of the most effective, non-discriminatory laws in the nation.

Gibbons' motive behind this quest to change the employer sanctions laws came into focus when I discovered some of Gibbons' campaign donors who contributed the maximum amounts are behind the deceptively titled “Stop Illegal Hiring Act.” Read more.

Perhaps Gibbons will have a new running mate based on his ties to the fast food franchisers:

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

Kevin Gibbons Funded by Employer Sanctions Opponents

Contact: For Immediate Release:
Bob Hisserich July 14, 2008

Kevin Gibbons Funded by Employer Sanctions Opponents
Bob Hisserich to Gibbons: Give Back Money from “Stop Illegal Hiring” Masterminds

MESA –When it comes to employer sanctions, District 18 Senate Republican Candidate Kevin Gibbons claims that he wants to revisit the issue as part of a “comprehensive plan that deals with all of the different aspects of the issue.” As a national leader in employer sanctions, thanks largely to Senate Candidate Russell Pearce, Arizona has one of the most effective, non-discriminatory laws in the nation.

Gibbons motive behind this quest to change the employer sanctions laws came into focus when I discovered some of Gibbons campaign donors contributed the maximum amounts are behind the deceptively titled “Stop Illegal Hiring Act.”

The people behind this initiative have been vocal opponents of any illegal immigrations enforcement efforts and are bankrolling Kevin Gibbons to get their voice heard in the legislature. Arizona has too many people in office who are not who they appear to be and electing Mr. Gibbons would be like hiring a fox to guard the henhouse. Gibbons has received $2,640 in donations from prominent members of the campaign – shared donors include:

- Andrew Pacheco, Campaign Chairman
- Marion “Mac” Magruder
- Sandy Magruder
- Western Growers Political Action Committee, AZ
- Anna Marie Aja, Western Growers
- Matthew Bigham, Western Growers
- Chad Willems, Campaign Consultant

In all, those who have donated to Mr. Gibbons have also contributed nearly $35,000 directly to the “Stop Illegal Hiring Act,” not to mention the ADDITIONAL $38,000 in donations filtered through “Wake Up Arizona” which is made up of the same individuals. Their ballot initiative, if passed, would significantly weaken Arizona’s Employer sanctions laws.

Mr. Gibbon’s supporters want to abolish the required use of E-Verify and want to go back to the far riskier and much maligned Federal I-9 process which is full of fraud. E-Verify is 99.7% accurate and is working to help employers hire LEGAL employees easily in conforming to Arizona State Law. Gibbons would be mistaken to attempt to discontinue the use of E-Verify. My wife has been a Human Resource Professional for 21 years and uses E-Verify and attests to it’s effectiveness in hiring a legal workforce.

Returning to the old system would require Arizona to wait until the Federal Government has taken action against an employer before the State is allowed to take action. That would be unmistakably a step in the wrong direction.

What’s more, their plan eliminates the use of anonymous tips to help catch people who are hiring people illegally! If anonymous tips are good enough to report other crimes they should be good enough for hiring those who are suspected of being in the country illegally.

Gutting Arizona’s employer sanctions law is not something that the constituents of District 18 or the citizens of Arizona will stand for. Apparently Kevin Gibbons doesn’t want to revisit the law, he wants to gut it on behalf of the “cheap labor” donors who are bankrolling is campaign. The people of District 18 deserve better than someone masquerading as a Republican who has a workable, tough policy on illegal immigration enforcement and hiring.

If Kevin Gibbons wants to represent the people in District 18, Kevin Gibbons should remove his mask of being a Republican, be honest, and admit that the people behind his campaign are really the people behind the deceptive “Stop Illegal Hiring Act.”

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gibbons Takes Liquor Donations

Contact: For Immediate Release:
Matt Tolman July 9, 2008

District 18 Republican Senate Challenger Takes Liquor Donations
District 18 Chairman Matt Tolman to Kevin Gibbons:
Give Back Liquor Money like You Gave Back the Democratic Chairman’s Money

MESA – District 18 Senate Republican Candidate Kevin Gibbons is in hot water again. Less than a week after it was revealed that he took donations from former Democratic Party Chairman Jim Pederson, it has been announced that his campaign has received donations from prominent members of the liquor industry.

District 18 Republican Chairman Matt Tolman questioned whether Gibbons’ quest to raise big dollars has put his values at odds with those who he intends to represent. “It looks like Gibbons is willing to take money from just about anyone who will write a check,” said District 18 Republican Chairman Matt Tolman, “We need someone who represents the citizens of the district, not special interests.”

In all, Gibbons has already received $1,950 in donations from prominent members of Arizona’s liquor industry. Donors Include:

  • Bob Delgado, President, HENSLEY & COMPANY
  • Douglas Yonko, Principal, HENSLEY & COMPANY
  • Steven Barclay, Executive Director, BEER & WINE DISTRIBUTORS OF ARIZONA

“We need a champion who will continue to fight for liquor control issues,” explained Tolman, “Someone who is committed to preventing underage drinking and supporting DUI laws. We need to know that the people who represent us at the legislature are not compromised because of deals they have cut for campaign donations.”

Kevin Gibbons is searching all over Arizona for donations to run against conservative Russell Pearce for State Senator in District 18. Pearce has been a strong voice on fiscal and immigration issues and is running as a clean elections candidate.

“District 18 already has a candidate for Senate who has been a supporter of family values and a friend to the taxpayer,” said Tolman, “He has the support of conservative groups and taxpayer organizations. Certainly more of a crowd that represents District 18 compared to Gibbons and his laundry list of liquor purveyors and democratic insiders.”

Tolman concluded, “If I were Kevin Gibbons, I would get out the checkbook again and return the money to the liquor industry like he did last week to Jim Pederson. And if he is set on donating it instead, perhaps he should give it to MADD.”

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Gibbons skipped by Maricopa County Republicans

10050 W. Bell Road, Suite 49, Sun City West, AZ 85351

Tom Husband, Chairman Diane Ortiz-Parsons, First Vice-chair

Jeff Greenspan, Second Vice-chair

Debbie Lesko, Secretary Chuck Hammerslag, Treasurer


For immediate release
July 4 2008

Frosty Taylor,

MCRC Endorses Rep. Russell Pearce for State Senate

The Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) has endorsed current State Representative Russell Pearce in his primary contest for the vacant State Senate seat in Legislative District 18. The endorsement was voted upon Thursday evening (July 3rd) during the regular MCRC Executive Guidance Committee (EGC) meeting held at GOP headquarters in Phoenix.

While not without precedence, the endorsement of a candidate in a primary by the MCRC is very rare. The last time it occurred was in the 2004 LD20 State Senate contest between John Huppenthal and Slade Mead. According to MCRC Chairman Tom Husband, like the 2004 endorsement, this decision was not the result of one single thing, but an accumulation of many things.

“It is hard to imagine a better and more principled legislator than Russell Pearce” said Husband, who added “What is going on in LD18 is an attempt by fringe open-border and amnesty advocates to exact revenge on Rep. Pearce for his brave stands on border security and preserving the rule of law.” Proponents providing major funding to Pearce’s opponent, Kevin Gibbons, are often related to agricultural, fast food, and homebuilding businesses. Many are also major donors to the perversely named “Stop Illegal Hiring” initiative that would gut Arizona’s employer sanctions law. Another major factor in the MCRC’s decision was the high-profile support Gibbons is receiving from Democrat legislators and party leaders, including Yuma State Representative Lynne Pancrazi and 2006 U.S. Senate candidate and Democrat party boss Jim Pedersen.

As one “Yes” vote observed during the discussion of the endorsement, “The Democrats already have one candidate in the general election. They don’t deserve to have two shots at the seat.”

The MCRC endorsement allows the Maricopa County Republican Committee to use its resources and large grassroots organizations to get involved on Pearce’s behalf. Several district chairmen involved in the endorsement have indicated that they will be lining up volunteers to phone bank and door knock on Pearce’s behalf.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gibbons Takes Max Donations from Former Democratic Party Chairman

Contact: For Immediate Release:
Tony Reinhard July 3, 2008

District 18 Republican Challenger Takes Max Donations from Former Democratic Party Chairman
Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman to Gibbons: Give Back Jim Pederson’s Money

MESA – District 18 Senate Republican Candidate Kevin Gibbons has received over $1,500 in campaign contributions from Millionaire developer and former Democrat Party Chairman Jim Pederson and his family. Arizona voters will remember Jim Pederson as the former chairman of the Arizona Democratic Party who also ran as the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate against Senator Jon Kyl.

“I can’t understand why a Republican would take money from people who have clearly aligned themselves against the Republican Party and its principles,” said Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman Tom Husband, “I have a strong recommendation for Kevin Gibbons: Give back Jim Pederson’s money.”

As Democratic Party chairman, Pederson is remembered for having supported and helped to fund the Clean Elections Initiative, which limits our 1st Amendment rights in state elections. He also is considered to have been instrumental in recruiting Janet Napolitano to run for Governor. Napolitano has gone on to push through a bank breaking 2008-09 budget that includes reliance on debt, property tax increases, accounting gimmicks, fund sweeps, speeding tickets, and increased state gambling just to keep things in balance.

In 2006, Jim Pederson spent millions of his own money to bankroll his Senate campaign. In the end, he lost to Republican Senator Jon Kyl by nearly ten points. Now, Jim Pederson is using his money to fund the Governor’s State Trust Land Initiative and has donated money to the redistricting initiative effort.

“Pederson is up to his old tricks in targeting trusted Republicans just like he did as chairman and when he ran for the United States Senate against John Kyl,” said Husband, “The Arizona State Senate can’t afford any more people who take their cues from the Governor and her people. We need someone who will stand up for the taxpayer and promote fiscal responsibility.

In addition to Mr. Gibbons, District 18 also has Russell Pearce, who spent 8 years in the Arizona House, seeking the Republican nomination to replace Senator Karen Johnson as the State Senator for District 18. He is running as a clean elections candidate, while his opponent, Kevin Gibbons is running as a traditionally funded candidate.

“We hope Mr. Gibbons comes to his senses and gives the money back to Jim Pederson”, said Tom Husband.